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BILLY MISSI | 'Gabau Sir Sir (Tangle of Yam Bushes)' Linocut Print

BILLY MISSI | 'Gabau Sir Sir (Tangle of Yam Bushes)' Linocut Print

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"From the beginning and throughout the monsoon, yams grow wild on our islands in the Western Torres Strait. There are many different yams such as kuthai, genine, sarur, and gabau, just to name a few. The sighting of these yam bushes is known as Gabau Sir Sir. Yams have been one of the main food sources for Islanders since time immemorial. They ate this food seasonally with other foods that are harvested during the time of "digging up the yam" such as turtle and dugong. Yams are one of the most common plants which make up our diverse bushland along the hillside."

Billy Missi, 'Gabau Sir Sir (tangle of yam bushes)', 2006, linocut print on Arches paper, image size 154 x 66 cm, paper size 180 x 84 cm

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