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Debra Murray

DEBRA MURRAY | 'Gijalordi Ninanyanyu' | Screenprint

DEBRA MURRAY | 'Gijalordi Ninanyanyu' | Screenprint

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Debra Murray 'Gijalordi ninanyanyu' This story is copyright Doris Kinjun and the Gulnay people and cannot be reproduced without permission. The Kingfisher Story: As told by Doris Kinjun, Gulnay Elder August 2010 Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre 

The Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, based in Cardwell, represents artists from nine Traditional Owner Groups, the Nywaigi, Gugu Badhun, Warrgamay, Warungnu, Bandjin, Girramay, Gulgnay, Jirrbal and Djiru people.

The traditional country of these groups covers some 25,000 square kilometres, from north of Townsville, south-west to Clarke River, north to the Mission Beach area, west to Ravenshoe and east to include Hinchinbrook and the Family Group Islands.

DEBRA MURRAY | 'Gijalordi Ninanyanyu' | Screenprint 

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