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Joel Sam

JOEL SAM | 'Marrkai Gub (Cyclone Larry)' | Linocut

JOEL SAM | 'Marrkai Gub (Cyclone Larry)' | Linocut

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Joel Sam 'Marrkai Gub' (Cyclone Larry)

Linocut printed in black ink from one block
Edition of 30, 2011
Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking

"Cyclone Larry crossed the coast at Innisfail, Far North Queensland, as a category 4 storm at approximately 6am on 20th March 2006. Cyclone Larry was a lot stronger than the recent Cyclone Anthony (2011) and the previous Cyclone Justin (1997), with wind gusts of up to 240 kilometres per hour recorded near the centre of the storm. Cyclone Larry destroyed many farms and banana crops and a lot of farmers lost their livelihoods." Joel Sam

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