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Joel Sam

JOEL SAM | 'Waru' | Etching | Fine art print

JOEL SAM | 'Waru' | Etching | Fine art print

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The story of this artwork is based on the traditional kinship and totemic belief system, which is the foundation of the Torres Strait Islander society. At birth a Torres Strait Islander is given a certain totem, that was passed down through generations of strong family bond. This print illustrates Joel's wife's totem, which is from the Dauareb tribe from the Murray Island group of the Eastern Torres Strait. The Island of Dauar is a significant turtle nesting area where turtles go each year and lay eggs. There is a turtle management plan within the Torres Strait Islands that ensures the hunting and gathering of turtle eggs; a practice according to the ancient traditions.

JOEL SAM | 'Waru' | 2016 | Etching / Arches paper | Paper size: 53 (h) x 39.5 (w) cm 

Printed by Djumbunji Press Printmaking 

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