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Lenore Howard

LENORE HOWARD | 'Absence' | Etching

LENORE HOWARD | 'Absence' | Etching

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Lenore Howard was born and raised in North Queensland, travelled the world and eventually returned to Cairns, drawn back by the beauty of the area and sense of community.  

She has been dedicated to her arts practice for over 40 years, working formerly as a Surrealist painter she created artworks with strong political and social content and an interplay between recognisable objects that delivered more questions than clearly defined answers. Then, many years ago, a dramatic shift in personal circumstances propelled the artist towards a new style of working, whereby she began creating artworks with a new visual language, and her practice transformed into pure abstraction. Lenore recently held a major solo exhibition at NorthSite, where her pursuit for artistic excellence and continual exploration of an expanding horizon, is evident in each artwork.

'Absence' Lenore Howard, Etching, printed in black from 1 plate 177mm x 225mm, Edition of 30, 2009

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