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SALLY MURRAY | 'Bagu and Jawun' | Screen-print

SALLY MURRAY | 'Bagu and Jawun' | Screen-print

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Sally Murray, 'Bagu and Jawun' Screenprint, edition of 15, 2012. Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking

Image size: 320 x 200 mm 
Paper size: 500 x 350 mm 
Paper type: Magnani Pescia 300gsm, white 
Ink type: Permaset Inks 
Editioning printer: Hannah Parker 
Collaborative printer: Bobbie Rueben

Artist: Sally Murray
Region: Murray Upper, Far North Queensland
Language: Girramay/JIrrbal


Sally Murray is a Girramay/Jirrbal Elder of the Davidson Creek area. She lives at the Jumbun Community at Murray Upper.

She is a skilled weaver of the traditional gundala basket, a coil basket made with a split lawyer cane, and the traditional small grass mindi basket.

Sally is also an emerging painter and potter. She draws on her feeling for the landscape to visually express the landscape and stories of her cultural heritage.

Sally passes on her traditional knowledge to her grandchildren and other members of the Jumbun community through weaving workshops in the community.

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