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Tommy PAU

ROBERT TOMMY PAU | 'Four Boys' Linocut Print |

ROBERT TOMMY PAU | 'Four Boys' Linocut Print |

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Artist: Tommy Pau
Region: Torres Strait. Born in Townsville, raised Cairns/Thursday Island
Born: 1967


Artwork story: This work is inspired by one of my uncle’s songs – four boys went to spear fish, when they came back they saw two sharks mating (thus the surprised look on their faces). Islanders use songs as a means of storytelling.

ROBERT TOMMY PAU | 'Four Boys' Linocut Print |

Tommy Pau, 'Four Boys', 2011, Linocut printed in black ink from one block. Edition of 10, 2011. paper size: 800mm x 1200mm Image size:660mm x 930mm Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking, Editioning printer: Elizabeth Hunter, Catalogue ID: TOPA003

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