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Doris Ned

DORIS NED | 'Twins' | Linocut Print

DORIS NED | 'Twins' | Linocut Print

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Linocut printed in black ink from one block
Edition of 80, 2009
Image size 370 x 147mm
Paper size 570 x 310 mm
Printed by Paloma Ramos for Editions Tremblay

Artist: Doris Ned
Lives: Pormpuraaw, Western Cape York
Language: Mungkan
Totems: Walk (mother stingray), Hammerhead shark

Artwork story: This is a Dreamtime story about the two brothers. They traveled every place from south to north and they sang and danced as they traveled and made the law for the country, for example, the places we can go to and what animals we can eat.

The brothers were very handsome and they named the area in the north near the Holroyd River "Ngakayenka". It's the law not to go near because it's a sacred ground. When the young people are about 13 or 14 years old, they can go there with their Elders and stay for along time, so they can learn about the law. - Doris Ned

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