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Elaine Godden

ELAINE GODDEN | 'Jigsaw Brooch IX' | Mixed Media

ELAINE GODDEN | 'Jigsaw Brooch IX' | Mixed Media

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Elaine Godden’s background in ethnography and archaeology fed a fascination with material culture and a romance with objects; first as an observer and analyzer of them, and their makers - going on to become a maker herself.  After living and working in Sydney, Papua New Guinea, and Pakistan, Godden was able to settle in Cairns where she is inspired by the rich beauty of hills, rainforest, bush, and reef, with her most recent works focusing on paper, which Godden utilizes for casting, modeling, and layering.

She has a desire for her jewelry practice to give new life to commonplace, finished-with material, and to re-present an abundance that's joyful and empowering. Godden feels it is inviting for women to be part of a creativity that's free of old social and design constraints around the intrinsic preciousness of materials; choosing jewelry only for their own special reasons.

 “The new jigsaw series of brooches uses layering and, again, shows the advantage of paper jewelry in allowing me to make big, bold pieces that sit lightly on the body and clothing – especially important in the tropics.” - Elaine Godden

Details: 4.5 x 6 CM | Card / Paper, Upcycled Artwork/Photographs supplied by the artist. 

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