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Franklin Mye

FRANKLIN MYE | 'Coming of the Light II' | Linocut Print

FRANKLIN MYE | 'Coming of the Light II' | Linocut Print

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"My work reflects the time when Christianity was first introduced to the Torres Strait with the landing of themissionaries at Erub (Darnley Island). Today we celebrate the anniversary of this on July 1. This is a big celebration for the people of Erub and throughout the Torres Strait as well as for Islanders on the mainland.

During the celebration there’s a re-enactment of when the people of Erub accepted the word of the Bible. During this celebration there is model canoe racing and the tradional Alag Segur (the masks at bottom of print). This all finishes with Island dancing and a big island style feast." - Franklin Mye 

FRANKLIN MYE | 'Coming of the Light II' | 2009 | Linocut Print | Paper Size: 32 x 17.5 cm | Edition of 50 

Catalogue number: 10-36

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