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Lara Fuji

LARA FUJII | 'Wapil Tideek' | Acrylic on canvas

LARA FUJII | 'Wapil Tideek' | Acrylic on canvas

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"A common site under the beautiful colours of green's blues and turquoise waters, where our Wapil swim throughout the four clusters of the Zenath kes water's displaying proudly their beautiful colours shape's and magical designs for all too see, in schools and groups showing of proudly amongst the seaweed and coral reef bottoms, that this belongs to them their Home, we must respect this in order for our Future generations, before they leave and therefore it shall be no more.
Inspiration for my art comes directly from our connection to the sea. My son's livelihood depends on the sea and its bounty. The vibrant colours of our reefs and sea life are reflected in my works. My sons often come home sharing images of their day at sea filmed on a gopro, showing all the beauty and splendour of our oceans in the Zenith Kes. Wapi Zura (fish soup)."

LARA FUJII | 'Wapil Tideek' | 2024 | Acrylic on canvas | 55 (h) x 81.5 (w) cm 

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