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Jane Dennis

JANE DENNIS | 'Scooter' | Gift card | Hand-coloured linocut

JANE DENNIS | 'Scooter' | Gift card | Hand-coloured linocut

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Jane Dennis is a skilled printmaker who lives and works in Cooktown, and regularly exhibits and supplies art to The NorthSite Store.

Jane practices the ‘Gyotaku’ technique, which is the Japanese tradition of fish printing ('gyo' meaning fish and 'taku' meaning rubbing). Originally a method for recording fish catches, it became an art form in its own right in the mid-1800s.

Jane has a Bachelor of Fine Art from R.M.I.T and has exhibited since 2004.

The body of Janes’s experience also encompasses being a mural artist , an Art Lecturer and technician.

The philosophy has been a simple combination of “Slow art and slow food: catch, print, eat.“


Each card is a limited edition lino cut print, which has been hand coloured by the artist. 

JANE DENNIS | 'Scooter' | Gift card | Hand-coloured linocut


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