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KickArts Jelly Baby Sculptures

KickArts Jelly Baby Sculptures

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Jelly Baby Sculptures available in red or green

These little sculptures, made of compressed polyurethane, are based on the much larger fibreglass sculptures that stand at the front of the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns, designed by artist Sophie Cadman. The larger sculptures were the result of a public art competition to create a signature artwork for the Centre. The smaller versions are a cute little keepsake of Cairns and are particularly popular with children, for fairly obvious reasons!

"Conceptually, these sculptures aim to communicate and celebrate the cultural diversity of our community, embracing all, but favouring none. Each jelly baby is equal in its form but individual in its colour. This celebration is communicated through a medium that is recognised and enjoyed regardless of culture or age - lollies!" - Sophie Cadman, 2004.

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