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John Pule, Sympathy

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John Pule 2011 Sympathy Etching printed on Hahnemühle 300 GSM warm white paper Edition of 20 Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking Editioning printmaker Elizabeth Hunter Image size 432 mm x 413 mm Paper size 805 mm x 695 mm

Catalogue ID JOPU003

Artwork Statement Sympathy is based on Michelangelo's Pieta which I have seen two versions of one in the Medici Museum in Florence and the other in the Vatican. It is a powerful sculpture of great beauty and tragedy. It is of a mother cradling a dead son synonymous to the war images that we see in our newspaper and television. But the print could also mean many things to many people.

Region Auckland New Zealand Born Niue 1962