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John Williams 'Body Painting'

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John Williams Woonun 'Body Painting' Acrylic on Canvas.Dimensions 121x91cm

Artist: John Williams 
Born: 1958
Language: Lardil
Country: Birri

Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria.

 Catalogue JW10033-C1215, Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Courtesy of Mirndiyan Gununu Aboriginal Corporation, Mornington Island Art Centre.

 **Please note: NorthSite Contemporary Arts sells this work acting as agent for the artist. GST does not apply to the sale price of this work.** 


Artist Statement:

"This is the body paint up design for my totem, Yarakara, the sea eagle. These are the markings that run across my chest, my belly and down both legs."