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Joseph Au

JOSEPH AU | 'Sik' | Linocut print

JOSEPH AU | 'Sik' | Linocut print

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Joseph Au, Sik, 2016, linocut print on paper, 96x95cm (image size), edition of 12


"The Sik is one of our traditional island dancing gear used by both men and women. The Sik (2016) portrays the sea cap, that’s visible throughout the Sageraw Thonar. The dancing gear is made of board, bamboo sticks and the white feathers are usually from the white heron (Karrabai) bird."


Sik ngoelmun gethaw zamiyak sika wurka thonar tidayzinga. Sik yawoeyka mura thonarnu, koey gubal maypunu a amatha ketha wowraw thonarnu. Inub gethaw zamiyak, ngoey aymayk, puyingu. Moerapil, pudil, miyakal kuna babal karbayngu. 


Kala Lagaw Ya translation by Alick Tipoti


Please note: due to the size of this work, editions are printed on demand. Edition limited to 12 prints. Please allow time for printing, signing by the artist and dispatch to your destination.  



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