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Julie McEnerny

JULIE MCENERNY | 'Wasp Nest' | Watercolour on paper

JULIE MCENERNY | 'Wasp Nest' | Watercolour on paper

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Melaleucas and  Mangroves

"I live in a suburb with lots of trees, particularly paperbarks and mangroves, which host epiphytes and mistletoe common to the local wetland ecosystem. One day I was moving quietly amongst the trees and connecting with the stillness, when I came across a fallen branch and discovered the intrigue of epiphytes. 

Epiphytes are plants that need a host species for support.  Mistletoe is a parasite, which relies on a host for nutrients and will invade the plant tissue to obtain them.  Both play important roles in the cycles of biodiversity and as a consequence, there is a lot going on behind the scenes; nature's relentless rhythms are concealed in the quietude.

Most of the works in this exhibition are painted from actual plants that I've found, still attached to a branch or small stick, having fallen after heavy rain or strong winds" - Julie McEnerny

A small example I found of the wonderfully complex structure made by a melaleuca pollinator, commonly known as the paper wasp.  Each wasp is adept at papermaking, using chewed bark and plant fibre mixed with water to assist in building the colony's nest.


JULIE MCENERNY | 'Wasp Nest' | Watercolour on paper | 2023 | 56cm x 38cm

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