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JULIE POULSEN | ‘Dust storm’ Boat Bag : Petite | Re-cycled painting

JULIE POULSEN | ‘Dust storm’ Boat Bag : Petite | Re-cycled painting

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JULIE POULSEN is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in her studio north of Cairns. Julie’s ongoing quest is for new visual narratives. With her touch- elements of the everyday take on a life of their own, testaments to her delightfully unpredictable style. The beginning of 2000 was a shift in focus from easel painting and return to a process started in Art College; the assemblage of paintings through stitching. These signature works required a disproportionate amount of combinable canvas and calico, all decorated with distinctive marks and surface treatment of cunningly conforming patterns, colours and imagery. This abundance of fabric guaranteed a surplus of useable remnants. 21 years later and these classic offcuts from different series including Menu Boards, Chalk Boards, Aeroplane Jelly, Landscape and figurative works come out of storage to be given a new life as quintessential bags."  Julie Poulsen

Note from the artist:

The bag you have chosen is a one-off.

Each bag is made from painting remnants weathered through a process that is random and unpredictable.

Like any handmade product, the marks of the marker are inherently indispensable.

Live with, Love and please wear boldly!



JULIE POULSEN | ‘Dust storm’ Boat Bag : Petite | Re-cycled painting / Fully lined in Calico


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