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Far North Studio

FAR NORTH STUDIO | ‘Happy Earrings’ | Gold | Titanium and sterling silver

FAR NORTH STUDIO | ‘Happy Earrings’ | Gold | Titanium and sterling silver

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FAR NORTH STUDIO | Designer/maker Lisa Capon uses traditional jewelry making tools: a jeweler's saw, files, hammers, pliers, vices, blocks of wood and steel, emery paper, and polishing compounds to create these hand made, timeless, and beautifully finished pieces.

Lisa creates her distinctive pieces in two states: at her old bench in the Adelaide Hills, and in her Far North Studio nestled on the dividing line of the Far North tropical rainforest and the dry eucalypt forest. The surrounding natural beauty and wondrous flora and fauna provide a constant source of inspiration and distraction. 

Her work reflects an ongoing fascination with:

the effects of time, mechanical and chemical processes on the visual character of metal, emotions, love, human relationships and relationship with place and objects as triggers to precious memories.

Details: Titanium, sterling silver 

About Titanium

Titanium is a reactive metal that can be colored by anodizing it to electricity in an electrolytic bath or heating it with a torch. Both these processes cause the metal to oxidize. As the molecules of the oxide layer become thicker, light entering the oxide layer and light striking the metal below refract at different angles. The light wavelengths either cancel each other out or combine and the refracted light is seen as color. The entire range of color for the oxide layer is within 25 billionths of a meter and requires the precision use of anodizing equipment. 

Care instructions:

Store your earrings in their box when you are not wearing them to protect them. Skin oils and cosmetics may build up on the earrings over time and dull the color of the titanium. To clean, wash gently with warm mild soapy water, rinse in clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth (do not use chemicals, polishing, or abrasive cloths).

FAR NORTH STUDIO | ‘Happy Earrings’ | Gold | Titanium and sterling silver

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