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Fiona Omeenyo

FIONA OMEENYO | 'Stormy Times' | Painting / stretched

FIONA OMEENYO | 'Stormy Times' | Painting / stretched

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“My country is Pathacy (Chester River near Coen) that’s where my Grandmother is from. My gures are about family and country. I do my painting to carry my culture on and so my children will know our stories. I paint the colours of the Country at home and the skies... No matter where you go, you’re still carrying these stories and memories for a life-time.” - Fiona Omeenyo 

FIONA OMEENYO | 'Stormy Times' | 2006 | Painting / stretched | 196 x 112 cm T-FO060421 SKU LOCKFO0421

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