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Mark Simmons

MARK SIMMONS | 'Burp the Humpback Whale' | Children's book

MARK SIMMONS | 'Burp the Humpback Whale' | Children's book

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Humpback whales are known as the singing whales – their choruses of squeaks and squeals are iconic in the natural world. But a new kind of humpback whale has just taken up residence on the Great Barrier Reef. He is big and friendly, and his name is Burp! 

Burp has the loudest burp on the whole Reef! He journeys to Far North Queensland and meets some colourful iconic Aussie characters along the way who makes all sorts of interesting sounds. But who will make the loudest noise of all? Follow Burp’s adventures to find out….

This beautifully illustrated book is thought provoking in a fun way for young readers, from 2 years to 9 years old.

Mark Simmons has a diverse background as a Marine Park Ranger, researcher, lecturer, writer, photographer and international tour guide and has worked with some of Australia’s most iconic fauna; humpback whales on the southern Great Barrier Reef; giant manta rays off Lady Elliot island; and capturing freshwater crocodiles and sea turtles for long term population studies. He draws upon these experiences to write adventure novels and children’s books.


“I’m very proud this wonderful book has been written designed illustrated and printed in Queensland – a totally local production.” - Mark Simmons


MARK SIMMONS | 'Burp the Humpback Whale' | Children's book

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