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RENEE WILSON, ROXANNE THOMAS | 'Ngithan Nyerrwe Dulka' | 2021 | Painting

RENEE WILSON, ROXANNE THOMAS | 'Ngithan Nyerrwe Dulka' | 2021 | Painting

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RENEE WILSON, ROXANNE THOMAS, 'Ngithan Nyerrwe Dulka', 2021, Acrylic on Belgian Linen

"Ngithan Nyerrwe Dulka in my Lardil language is My Home. Bibad is on the eastward side of Mornington Island its our traditional home land. The white and blue represents the fishtraps that arealong the river mouth that our family over the generations have built to feed our people with sea food. The pattern in the middle represent the river itself winding its way across country bringing with it crabs, fish, shell food and anything else that would live in the mangroves. The last bit of the painting is the ochre coloured salt pan with its pretty rocks scattered across the landscape with the mangroves separating it from the river and land."

Courtesy of Mornington Island Art Centre

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