JOHN B. WILLIAMS | ‘The Rat & Squid’ | Painting / acrylic on canvas

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"One day a rat went down to the sea-side and he could see an island, not very far away. He thought and thought about how he could get across to that island. A squid came along and said "What's on your mind rat?" The rat told him he'd like to go across to the island but didn't know how to get there. The old squid scratched his head and then said: 'Rat, I think I could take you there - you'd better jump on my back and I'll swim with you, across to that island.' So the rat jumped on the squid's back and away they went. But the swell gradually increased more and more, and every time it came it brushed all the whiskers back from the squids mouth and head. The old rat laughed every time it happened and when the squid asked 'What are you laughing at?' The rat kept saying 'nothing, nothing is funny'. They went ashore then and started to make a fire with fire sticks and then they sat down to have a meal. The rat then asked the squid 'Do you want to know what I was laughing at?' it's because every time the swell came it 


JOHN B. WILLIAMS | ‘The Rat & Squid’ | 2022 | Acrylic on canvas | 30.5 x 40.6 cm