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John Williams

JOHN WILLIAMS | 'Mermaid' | Painting

JOHN WILLIAMS | 'Mermaid' | Painting

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"Long ago the people of Birri, our Great Grandfather, told many stories of this land. This story is about the Mermaid and the Unseen People of Boorwa Hill. It is a legend about the Unseen People. So, if you go to this part of land you have got to be quiet and no making noise or swearing.  And the story goes you've got to be very quiet when traveling through Boorwa Hill. But when you go through there you gotta take the owners of the Country because they speak the language of the Unseen People. And another thing, you will get lost maybe for nights or days. As for the mermaid the same thing will happen to you, she'll lead you astray. The meaning of this story, you gotta respect this part of land because we believe they are here, they protect this land it is a spiritual Country to us.”  John Williams

Details: JOHN WILLIAMS, 'Mermaid', Acrylic on Arches paper, 57.5 x 76.5 cm 

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