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Fred Joe

FRED JOE - Moa Arts | 'Plants Leaves (Neiysal)' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

FRED JOE - Moa Arts | 'Plants Leaves (Neiysal)' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

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"I come from Koedal, Kurrzi and Dhangal totem through my parents. I live and grew up in Kubin Village on Mua island in the near western cluster. My art work describes the stories told by our ancestors through their dreams, which are passed down by our fore fathers to father to son. This transcripts in our mind, then the stories are put into painting, printing & carving." 

"My prints reflects on plant leaves that been identfied to us by our parents their parents and theirs, which tells us that each leaves plays a role in our livelihood. These plant leaves are part of our life style, we used them in different ways, such as: used for smoking ceremonies, medicine, mat, bed, food, drink water from, etc. We grew up understanding the teaching given to us by our Uncle and Auntes by identfying the leaves of either plant or tree, what are these leaves are used for, In various seasons." - Fred Joe 

FRED JOE | 'Plants Leaves (Neiysal)' | 2023 | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper | 76 (h) x 56 (w) cm 


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