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Eldrina Warria

ELDRINA WARRIA - Moa Arts | 'Buz (version 2/4)' | Monoprint

ELDRINA WARRIA - Moa Arts | 'Buz (version 2/4)' | Monoprint

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"Fibres from local plants have been used by our ancestors for millennia to make ropes to be used for anything in everyday living and lifestyle. I chose to make this painting of the Buz because it's tied to a memory that I'm fond of. Buz fibre has been used by the Mualgal people to make rope for all sorts of use including to aide with the structure of houses. When my last brother became of age and had his initaton ceremony, my big mummy told me to go into the bush and take the Buz Vine so we could secure it around the four pillars of the feastng Structure. She told me that the Buz around the post would represent our family bond, love and never-ending support of each other. Buz has its significance but to me it represents my family bond, love and support." - Eldrina Warria 

ELDRINA WARRIA | 'Buz (version 2/4)' | 2023 | Monoprint | 76 (h) x 57 (w) cm | Version 1/4 


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