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Rita Kaitap

RITA KAITAP | 'Wakasu' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

RITA KAITAP | 'Wakasu' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

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"Shells are beautiful to me, I love when going out fishing or to the little surrounding island for dayout I would collect beautiful shells to bring back home. The colours represent in the shells is about the love, excitement and the beautiful sunny day on a clear blue sky day out with my family." - Rita Kaitap

Rita was born at Thursday Island and grew up on Badu Island with a large family. She grew up learning the importance of working hard to look after her family. This included planting, tending and maintaining the gardens, root vegies and different tropical fruits including watermelon, mangoes and coconut. There was also tending to the shores at home with her mum and older sisters as well as fetching firewood, while the brother’s sought seafood. Coming from a big family, Rita now lives with her husband and family on Kubin.

RITA KAITAP | 'Wakasu' | 2023 | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper | 56 (h) x 76 (w) cm | 

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