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Fiona Elisala-Mosby

FIONA ELISALA-MOSBY | 'Kulba Thonaral - State II' | Gift card

FIONA ELISALA-MOSBY | 'Kulba Thonaral - State II' | Gift card

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Fiona is originally from Dauan Island in the northern islands of Zenadh Kes (the Torres Strait). She is currently Studio Co-ordinator at Moa Arts as well as being a leading artist. She works primarily with lino printing, etching and mono prints but is also a weaver and jewellery maker.

Fiona believes the unique values and histories that Torres Strait Islander women share are inscribed at the very beginning, at home, written into everyone as individuals, as family members and part of the community. She is committed to being a role model for younger generations and “…to using the knowledge I have about culture and tradition to make an impact, to tell the stories of island women embracing and preserving our cultural knowledge. My artwork is an important way for me to do this.”

Fiona graduated from Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Visual Art in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art and has been exhibiting at art fairs and in galleries since 2015.

FIONA ELISALA-MOSBY | 'Kulba Thonaral - State II' | Gift card 

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