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Loretta Glanville

LORETTA GLANVILLE - Moa Arts | 'Coral Bleaching (1/2)' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

LORETTA GLANVILLE - Moa Arts | 'Coral Bleaching (1/2)' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

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"Coral plays an important part on our island reef. For years our island reefs have experience the impact of coral bleaching that is cause by the temperature changers of the water because of the global warming contributon. There were area around Mua that have been affect by this impact, and this prints is my impression of these changers how it went from its beautful colours to the dead colour of white. But somehow I also now see how this bleaching coral areas are healing it’s own self and naturally propagate itself and developing new coral growth around these areas and bit by bit and turning back into coral forest again." 

“I grew up in the Torres Strait. I am from a cultural background where my parents taught me about the local knowledge of the land. I have leaved on Kubin, Moa Island during my childhood and I'm from a family of 10. I would like to tell a particular stories and make a small film on my knowledge of Gelam, Seek, Yalbuz, Kara may and Murarath. haven't been in any previous exhibitions or prizes but I would like to enter those compitetions once I kickstart this part of my career in Art.” - Loretta Glanville 

LORETTA GLANVILLE | 'Coral Bleaching (1/2)' | 2023 | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper | 76 (h) x 65 (w) cm

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