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Paula Savage

PAULA SAVAGE - Moa Arts | 'Down at the buthu' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

PAULA SAVAGE - Moa Arts | 'Down at the buthu' | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper

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"This print is about when you go down to the buthu (Beach) you always find all kinds of stuff along the shore line from different types of shells to rock paddles and all the way to the small creeks on the beach here on Moa. When its Guth (low tide) its always easy to find dead starfish, mangrove seeds and old stcks and leaves and other shells, when its high tde it's easy to find vegetaton seeds , leafs and long logs on the beach that get washed up from the high tides." - Paula Savage 

PAULA SAVAGE is from the Dabugal clan of Moa Island and the Kaurareg clan of Muralag (Prince of Wales Island). An artist at the Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre - Moa Arts, Paula works across weaving, printmaking, and jewellery to share contemporary expressions of Torres Strait Islander culture and ancestral stories. Her practice has developed into the making of unique woven bags that bring together land and water relationships through color, techniques, and materials.

PAULA SAVAGE | 'Down at the buthu' | 2023 | Monoprint on BFK Rives paper | 80 (h) x 60 (w) cm









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