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Naomi Hobson

NAOMI HOBSON | 'Black Palm at Stoney' | Painting / Acrylic on Canvas

NAOMI HOBSON | 'Black Palm at Stoney' | Painting / Acrylic on Canvas

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Artist's Statement: My name is Naomi Hobson. My traditional lands lie on the McIlwraith Range down to the east coast south of Lockhart River and north of Coen. I grew up spending a majority of my childhood on this country with my Grandparents. This is what inspired me to become an artist, the colours and pattern of nature itself, stories from the past, the unique transformation of the land over the seasons... and my own special places that are etched in my memory, these are places I regularly visit. It is through my art I aim to reflect and share with others in a contemporary way; my stories, customs and my country, whether it be on canvas or board, in the sand, through ink on paper or in clay.

Artwork Story: On the way to Stoney, there is a special place where I go with my grandmother to collect palm stem for grass skirts, basket, head and arm bands. You cannot find this palm growing anywhere else on my mother's country but there. We make sure not to take too much at the same time, because we need to keep this area healthy with palms. When you go to this place there are just black palms. The old ones stand very tall and strong and there are many little ones coming through the ground. This place is for the women in my family, we are responsible for taking care of it so that it can be there for many, many more years.

NAOMI HOBSON | 'Black Palm at Stoney' | Painting / Acrylic on Canvas

Details: Dimensions 122CM x 583CM / 2008
Naomi Hobson
Location: Coen/Lockhart River
Tribe: Southern Kaanju
Traditional name: Yikun (Hoop Pine Tree) Put'ta (Death adder snake)

Image courtesy of the artist

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