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BILLY MISSI | 'Aubau' (Noni Fruit) Postcard

BILLY MISSI | 'Aubau' (Noni Fruit) Postcard

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Billy Missi, 1970- 2012, was a Maluilgal man from Mabuiag Island in the Torres Strait. Billy is known as one of the leading printmakers of this region, having exhibited widely and achieved both national and international acclaim. He comes from a respected family of art practitioners and choreographers, from the tribes of Wagedagam, Geomu and Panai in Malu Lilgal (Western Torres Strait).


Postcard of Billy Missi releif lino print, 'Aubau' (noni fruit)

Story: "This plant has been used as a medicine plant in Zenadh-Kes for many generations. It is used for respiratory and digestive ailments. Aubau is one of the most important plant medicines of the Islands. Sometimes the leaves are boiled and the infusion consumed by drinking. Modern commercial variations of noni fruit medicine are available through health food retailers.

The print depicts people of all different ages gathered around the Aubau tree consuming the fruit." Billy Missi 

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