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Alma Norman

ALMA NORMAN | 'Green Frog' | Ghost net sculpture

ALMA NORMAN | 'Green Frog' | Ghost net sculpture

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"I grew up in pormpuraaw. I am a Thaayorre women my totem is the emu and black duck. This shows I am a traditional owner of Pormpuraaw. This country belongs to me and I belong to it. My parents grew up. I learned bush skills from my aunty and uncle. I like going fishing.

I like sewing and making clothing. I like painting and printing because it is different then sewing. I hope to learn how to make more art.

I like to tell stories through my art."


ALMA NORMAN | 'Green Frog' | Ghost net sculpture 

Dimensions: 30 (h) x 88 (w) x 76 (d) cm 

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