Pormpuraaw 'Cultural uses for Plants' book

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Pormpuraaw 'Cultural uses for plants' Book

Published in 2016.

The information presented in this book is common Knowledge for Thaayorre, Kugu and Wik People living in Pormpuraaw. The pormpuraww community has an in depth knowledge of plants and their traditional uses for food, medicines, tool making and even sorcery. One clan had many uses for a particular plant, While another group may have not used it at all. Pormpuraaw recorded this knowledge for future generations. 110 plants and named in four Languages, Thaayorre, Kugu, Wik and English all featured in this Book.

Published by Pormpuraww Arts and Culture Centre Incorporated, Pormpuraaw Queensland.

Funded by Pormpuraaw Arts and Cultural Centre Incorporated

Indigenous Rural Arts Development fund, Arts Queensland 

Indigenous visual Art Industry support 

Department of Communication and the Arts.