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Sue Reys

SUSAN REYS | 'It's a Win Win' | Ceramic vessel

SUSAN REYS | 'It's a Win Win' | Ceramic vessel

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Susan Reys is a Cairns born Butchalla, Darraba and Djirrribal artist with cultural connections to the Badjala peoples of Fraser Island. Reys is the co-creator of Kgari 3 Sisters, building from selling her works at the local Cairns Market to today where co-owns her own gallery in the heart of Cairns. Reys practice includes a strong focus on ceramics, painting and weaving which has sustained her as a multidisciplinary artist with a career spanning over 20 years. 

"What if all the pieces on a chess board were the same. In the sense, first nations people are seen and heard without racism and fear. 
 What would our landscape look like?  What would we look like inside? The design on this ceramic artwork, a half circle / half moon is my representation of what this would look like. 
The concept of a chess board reminds me of the challenges of First Nations people in society.  
The squares on a typical chessboard represent our black and white history.
Self determination and Sovereignty was a challenge from the start and will continue to be a challenge because of the concept of a winner and loser. A superior and non superior. Science is providing evidence of the disturbance of a highly complex and sophisticated first nations culture before invasion. So what can we learn from our history?  Let us not continue to play the same game." - Susan Reys


SUSAN REYS | 'It's a Win Win' | Ceramic vessel | 10 (h) x 27.5 (l) x 19.5 (w) | 2023

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