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WA YO WAY | 'Sea Totems' | Short Sarong | Emily Doolah

WA YO WAY | 'Sea Totems' | Short Sarong | Emily Doolah

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Born: Thursday Island, Torres Strait Islands 
Region: Torres Strait Islands
Tribe: Meriam Samsep, Wagedagam – Panay Buway, Peiudu             
Totems: Tiger shark, owl moth, driftwood, Torres Strait pigeon, frigate bird, crocodile, dugong, mackerel.
Saltwater / Freshwater: Saltwater
Languages: Torres Strait Creole, Meriam Mer, Kala Lagaw Ya
Current Location: Horn Island 


"Torres Strait totems are sacred objects, it symbolizes a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, and tribe." 

Details: Short sarong, 68 x 175 cm, 100% Rayon fibres. 

Directions: Gentle wash only in cool water. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Line dry in shade. Do not iron, do not dry clean. 

This sarong is designed, printed and sewn in Australia. 

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