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WA YO WAY | 'Ngurraar (Black Cockatoo)' | Short Sarong| Lynelle Flinders

WA YO WAY | 'Ngurraar (Black Cockatoo)' | Short Sarong| Lynelle Flinders

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Born: Cairns
Region: North Queensland
Tribe: Dharrba Warra
Totem: Crocodile
Language: Guugu Yimithirr
Current Location: Cairns

NGURRAAR (Black Cockatoo), 2021

"The diamonds depict the color in the tail of the Black Cockatoo. The colors range from red to orange to yellow." - Lynelle Flinders

Lynelle Flinders specialises in hand-printed textiles using traditional and alternative materials to achieve her designs. As a descendant of the Dharrba Warra Clan from the Starke River area north of Cooktown, Cape York, Lynelle takes inspiration from her rich cultural heritage and produces textiles based on knowledge and passion for her Country and culture.  

With a growing repertoire of collections and exhibitions under her belt, Lynelle’s work as a design and textile artist exemplifies the growth and potential of Indigenous-led fashion and is regularly part of First Nations Fashion Design (FNFD) runways, also working with artists in Queensland’s remote art centres to produce new prints on textiles for showcases such as CIAF. Lynelle holds a Diploma in Indigenous Visual Arts from Tropical North Queensland’s Institute of TAFE (2012), and now lectures at TAFE Far North along producing art and running her own fashion label “Sown in Time”.


Details: Short sarong, 68 x 175 cm, 100% Rayon fibres. 

This sarong is designed, printed and sewed in Australia. 

Directions: Gentle wash only in cool water. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Line dry in shade. Do not iron, do not dry clean. 

This sarong is designed, printed and sewn in Australia. 

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