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Born: Thursday Island
Region: Torres Strait Islands
Tribe: Meriam Samsep, Wagedagam – Panay Buway , Peiudu             
Totem: Tiger Shark, Owl Moth, Driftwood, Torres Strait Pidgeon, Frigate Bird, crocodile, dugong, mackerel.
Saltwater / Freshwater: Saltwater
Language: Torres Strait Creole, Meriam Mer, Kala Lagaw Ya
Current Location: Horn Island  

'Sabagorar (Bridal Pendant)'

"The Sabagorar pendant was originally carved as a bridal pendant from turtle shells and was part of the many items that were collected by Alfred C Haddon in 1898 during The Recording of the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to Torres Straits. It is held in the collection of the British Museum. It has been approximately 120 years since these pendants were taken from Mer (Murray Island), Torres Strait, and decades since these pendants have been created." 

Details: Organic Canvas Tote 

This bag was designed, printed and sewn in Australia.