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WA YO WAY | 'Baitfish' | Tea Towel | Elverina Johnson

WA YO WAY | 'Baitfish' | Tea Towel | Elverina Johnson

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Born:  Yarrabah, Cairns
Region: Gimuy, Far North Queensland
Tribe: Kunganji Gurugulu, Idinji Gimuy    

Lineage: King Menmuny of the Gunganji Nation of Yarrabah and King Yinnie of Cairns   
Current location: Yarrabah, Cairns 


"The small fish that I see when out fishing. I often go out fishing and see the baitfish traveling around in large schools. Usually, where there is plenty of baitfish there is plenty of larger fish." Elverina Johnson

Details: Tea towel, cotton/linen blend 

This tea towel was designed, printed and sewed in Australia.



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