BRIAN ROBINSON | 'Wrapped charm' | Etching

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Etching printed in two colours from one plate
Edition of 20, 2012
Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking
Image size: 250 x 100 mm
Paper size: 400 x 300 mm
Paper type: Hahnemuhle 300 GSM warm white
Ink type: Charbonnel burnt sienna and black
Editioning printers: Elizabeth Hunter, Taicee Pearson
Artist: Brian Robinson
Language: Kala lagaw ya 


Brian Robinson is a multi-skilled contemporary artist, whose practice includes painting, printmaking, sculpture and design. The graphic style in his practice combines his Torres Strait Islander heritage with a strong passion for experimentation, both in theoretical approach and medium, as well as a crossing of the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The results combine styles as diverse as graffiti art through to intricate relief carvings and construction sculpture echoing images of Torres Strait cultural motifs, objects and activity. Robinson’s art reflects the tropical marine environment surrounding Waiben (Thursday Island) and the inhabitants of that environment. It is an essential part of his life and culture, imbued with the customs, traditions and lifestyles of Torres Strait Island people. The animals from ancestral stories and their presence today are an integral feature of Robinson’s work.