Collection: MUM'A NAI | 'I Am'

‘I Am’ comprises five, hand sewn textiles, made of at least 80% up-cycled materials, forming a powerful meditation on individual agency in rewriting our narrative.

It’s easy to forget the power words can have, and harnessing the personal mantra of ‘I Am’ may seem like a simple thing to do, yet it can be used as a potent tool to manifest real change in our lives, shaping how we see ourselves, effecting how we behave and be present in the world.

Our minds are not set in stone, they are adaptable and can be rewired, and our subconscious mind can’t discern between what’s real and what’s not, so by using the phrase ‘I Am’ you give your brain the opportunity to reorganise itself by building new neural pathways, which after repetition will strengthen and transform thought patterns, release feel good chemicals, rewrite your narrative, and in turn, reshape your reality.

‘I Am’ mantras blend aspects of neurology, psychology, and resilience with a sprinkle of self belief. I would encourage everyone to deploy their own mantras in daily lives to create their own magic and make their heart happy.

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