Collection: Badu Art Centre - BADHULGAW KUTHINAW MUDH


Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island

Badu Art Centre is one of Australia’s foremost Indigenous Art Centres and is where an exciting group of artists from Badu Island, Queensland Australia, create beautiful work.

The purpose of our Centre is to enable us to renew, strengthen and express Badu Island visual and spoken language - Our Culture - while providing skills development and training that can lead to complete self-determination.

Reflecting our strong cultural traditions and our beautiful relationships with our world we carefully express our love and dedication to the Ocean, to our Island and all of its Creatures and Animals. We show our relationships with the wind, rain, earth, the skies, stars and the sun.

Our life cycle, is the same as the cycle of the world around us.

To SEE our art is to be delighted from another world, a world alive with myths and stories and ancient tradition, and one that is strong and with a clear and powerful voice.

To OWN a piece of our Badu Art is to have a representative of that world come and live in your own, where it will give you great satisfaction, discovery and pleasure.

Our Badu Art is created with love, commitment and with a quiet dedication to our chosen craft. We use a range of visual and creative mediums including printmaking, Bronze and aluminium casting, etching, painting, jewellery, textiles and carving. Badu is a special place, and this specialness - this 'Aislan Kustom' can be felt in all we do.