MERSANE LOBAN | 'Mapunga' | Etching and aquatint print

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Mersane Loban

Born: 1978

Community: Kubin, QLD

Mersane is originally from Badu Island and was introduced to art at high school where she was immediately taken by the different styles and techniques available. She started out working with batik and screen printing, and has since developed an enduring love for drawing.  

"The biggest influence and inspiration in my art has been my brother, well known artist, Laurie Nona.  Laurie made my love for art continue throughout my life so he is someone I really look up to."

As a strong Torres Strait Islander woman, Mersane is proud of her talents and abilities.


MERSANE LOBAN | 'Mapunga' | 2012 | Etching and aquatint print | Image size: 20 x 15 cm | Paper size: 38 x 28 cm