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Breath and Essence

BREATH AND ESSENCE | ‘Mermaid’ Ring | Sterling Silver

BREATH AND ESSENCE | ‘Mermaid’ Ring | Sterling Silver

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"Celebrating the oceans, the corals, the reefs and all things ocean.

Introducing the Mermaid ring, our sister ring to the Sea Goddess ring. The concave and the convex beauty. Inspired by the mushroom coral of the reefs, created in gorgeous detail a silver ring to celebrate the oceans deep beauty.Nature's perfection and mystique of the underwater world we celebrate creation, breath, life and it's cycles.
This gorgeous ocean-inspired silver ring is derived from the wonders of the mushroom coral. Bold and detailed, this ring marks and stands in its own beauty.

I reflect, and have been mesmerised in the wonder of vast expanses of mushroom corals spreading far in all shapes, sizes and forms in the tropical reefs of the world - the wonder!"

Mushroom Coral fact: The mushroom coral this ring is inspired by is the Fungiidae. It grows as a single polyp coral. Young polyps are attached by a stalk to the parent, breaking free as they increase in size.


'Breath and Essence' is a contemporary jewellery label featuring sterling silver collections inspired by objects found in nature. Minimal, sculptural, and delicate in nature, these pieces represent the natural environment of Bingil Bay/Mission Beach.

Kim Rayner is a Sydney-born Artist now working from her studio above the palm-fringed beaches of Far North Queensland. Kim has a background in painting and drawing and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School, Darlinghurst/ Sydney.


BREATH AND ESSENCE | ‘Mermaid’ Ring | Sterling Silver | Size 52,54 mm 

This ring is available in size 52/M 54/M 

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