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Blue Muse

LEANNE HARDY | ‘We are Grateful’ | Framed cyanotype print

LEANNE HARDY | ‘We are Grateful’ | Framed cyanotype print

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“If you are poor, live wisely. If you have riches, live wisely. It is not your station in life but your heart that brings blessings.” (Buddhist teaching).

“This series invites us to consider how, as humans, we can be caught in a constant struggle to strike a balance between longing and contentment. By honouring rituals associated with life, A Bird in the Hand is an invitation to consider concepts surrounding both Western consumption and Eastern fulfilment.

Utilising an 18th Century camera less photography process and celebratory crystal glassware historically found in many homes. The Cyanotype series A Bird in the Hand responds to the artists choice to celebrate personal contentment rather than to constantly desire more.” – Leanne Hardy

Leanne Hardy is a Cairns based creative, professional photographer and Cyanotype artist. Following tertiary studies in both photography and science, and after an often-nomadic lifestyle, Leanne now finds joy and creative inspiration in the beauty of tropical Far North Queensland. Photography, both digital and analogue, is Leanne’s ‘meraki’ and a way of remembering and connecting with people and the world around her. 

Blue Muse Photography is inspired by a passion for photography, the beauty of nature, and a love of tropical living. Fragments, details, textures, and patterns of lush flora gathered from glorious gardens in and around Cairns are used to create each unique hand-made print. 

Cyanotype is an 18th-century camera-less analog photography method discovered by noted British scientist Sir John Hershel (1792-1871) in 1842, grounded in processes of science and photography history that have withstood the test of time. 

LEANNE HARDY | ‘We are Grateful’ | 2024 | Cyanotype print | 2024 | Framed | 45 (h) x 32 (w) cm

*This artwork comes ready to hang in a white timber frame 


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