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Lou Derry

LOU DERRY | ‘New Moon Dusk’ | Oil painting on canvas

LOU DERRY | ‘New Moon Dusk’ | Oil painting on canvas

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"Living on the coast provides unlimited opportunity to observe the turbulent climate of tropical North Qld. I particularly enjoy observing skies, clouds, weather systems, transitional changes of light and atmospheric conditions. In FNQ a prominent time of year is the build up to the wet season. It’s inescapable; stifling heat, oppressive humidity, and an unsettling sense of foreboding. Within this turbulence is an uneasy tension but at the same time a contradictory calm and quiet space, a suspended anticipation. My paintings focus on this space, this contrast. I attempt to distill these conflicting moments of calmness and unease, drama and beauty, and evoke the resulting atmosphere for the viewer’s own contemplation.  I like to paint the edges of urban life, where humans rarely appear, only indications of their existence, vying for attention with the natural beauty around us, so often missed in the cluttered world we inhabit." - Lou Derry 


LOU DERRY | ‘New Moon Dusk’ | 2023 | Oil painting on canvas | 50.5 (h) x 50.3 (w) x 3 (d) cm 

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