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Malki Studio

MALKI STUDIO | ‘Containment Vessel (4)’ | Painted handbuilt ceramic

MALKI STUDIO | ‘Containment Vessel (4)’ | Painted handbuilt ceramic

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“Our collection is centred on clay, especially high fired black clay, with all the pieces being unisex. Ceramics are an important material for us as we see it and treat it as literal earth as well as a symbol of the human connection to land. The earrings (which we've slightly jokingly called the Van Gogh Collection) are sold as singles, the idea being that they can be worn as such or mixed and matched freely. The containment vessels are basically ceramic pendants/amulets, the idea being that people can fill them with something that they would like as an offering to themselves (affirmations, keepsakes etc).”


MALKI STUDIO | Containment Vessel (4) |  Painted handbuilt ceramic / Responsibly sourced sterling silver and fine silver

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