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Agnes Kohler

AGNES KOHLER | 'Love Rocks' | Acrylic painting on linen board

AGNES KOHLER | 'Love Rocks' | Acrylic painting on linen board

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"When a woman wants to attract a certain man we collect these rocks to create charms so that he is attracted to us."

"I was born soon after my people crossed over to Mornington Island. In those days the Lardil mob fostered or adopted us as their family. The Jacobs adopted me and my sister Gay. In the 60s I was sent out to work on the mainland. I worked at Julia Creek. As I raised my family, I also adopted a few more children. Now I am surrounded by my family. I use to muck around scribbling, drawing little houses with my kids. My children tell me to join the old people here at the Art Centre, save me from worrying, and take my mind off things. It's also good to be alongside family members at the Art Centre working, creating, and learning together." - Agnes Kholer

AGNES KOHLER | 'Love Rocks' | 2020 | Acrylic on linen board | 30.5 x 40.6 cm

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