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Goompi's Girl

GOOMPI'S GIRL | 'Woven Earrings' | Assorted Colours

GOOMPI'S GIRL | 'Woven Earrings' | Assorted Colours

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"My name is Nicole Chatfield (nee Enoch) born and raised in Cairns, Far North Queensland and I am Irukandji (Cairns to Port Douglas) and Nughi (Stradbroke/Moreton Island) Aboriginal woman. My artist name is Goompi’s Girl proudly given to me by my dad who was given that name by his elders from North Stradbroke Island.

I was born and raised in Cairns and moved to Brisbane to study Aboriginal Art at the Queensland Colledge of Art in 1999 and remain there until 2019,  I had taken a break from art to work and raise a family. 
I began weaving once reconnected and returned to North Queensland with my family in 2019 and enjoyed having more opportunities to participate in grassroots projects and support whilst returning home.  The practice of weaving is done by my aunties and many other aboriginal women elders in North Queensland.

It is because of my family, connection to country,  children, and spirituality that art and being creative have been rekindled and nurtured after laying dormant for a few years." - Nicole Chatfield 

GOOMPI'S GIRL | 'Woven Earrings' | Assorted Colours

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