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Sheila Brim

SHEILA BRIM | 'Lomandra I' | Linoleum print / framed

SHEILA BRIM | 'Lomandra I' | Linoleum print / framed

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Sheila Brim is a Djabugay & Western Kuku-Yalanji Artist based in Kuranda, Far North Queensland who uses her life and culture as inspiration for her artworks - Brims practice heavily focuses on weaving, resin installation & linoleum print making with an emphasis on preservation of cultural practices.

 “These works are speaking of my connections as I’m a descendent of the Djabugay & Western Kuku-Yalanji peoples on my mother side - I was taught by my Elders & my father was a Bush Tucker man who inspired me to Keep our Culture Alive, through my Elders I learnt a lot (Grandma Wilma Walker and I continue doing and teaching young ladies how to weave a basket and gather of the river reed for weaving.) Lino prints, resin work (speaking of the preservation of ancient cultural practice) & woven dilly bag earrings represent the river grass - (Dilmba Grass) Lomandra is used for weaving, and it has another purpose when it (Dilmba Grass) is flowering it’s time to go fishing (Seasonal fishing) and other integrated cultural purposes demonstrating our Sovereignty. By continuing and sharing this practice, our storytelling and dance we help to decolonize and grow together in self- determination. “ - Sheila Brim

SHEILA BRIM | 'Lomandra I' | Linoleum print / framed | image size 12 (l) 12.5 (w) | framed image size 28 (l) x 23 (w) | 2023

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